Review Policy

Due to high review demands, policies are being amended. We will contact those on our list to see if they still desire a review based upon these new policies. We thank you for your patience.

I will review: 

~  ePub, mobi or printed copies* mailed to my house by the author 

~ Indie published material of any kind: (ie short stories, poetry, novellas, novels, etc.)

* Authors who send me paperback copies are more likely to get attention than authors that do not. 

 I will not:

~ Accept pdfs. Mobi, ePub and print copies accepted

~Accept multiple ebooks at a time

~purchase a copy of your book for review

Some things to know:

~ Review material will not be returned.

~I will not cover shipping costs

~ Print copies must be mailed to my home; not a PO Box

~ A link to Amazon and/or Goodreads must be provided via business card, email, in the book, etc. I won’t go hunting.

Once I get the printed book, magazine, material I will send you an email telling you I received it.

Life can be very busy running a business, being a parent, a blogger, and an author and publisher. Most reading for review is done on the weekend. I am very fast but longer books can take a bit. Your patience is appreciated.

Genres I will review:

~ Paranormal Romance


~ Steampunk

~ Thriller

~ Horror

~Science Fiction

~Science Fantasy

~ Young Adult**

~ New Adult**

~ Fantasy**

** These are very picky. I do not prefer cliches. New Adult and young adult are up for discussion. Submit a synopsis if you are unsure. 

If at anytime you are unsure or have a question, please feel free to email us. We are very friendly and open-minded people.

We try to get through as many of you as possible. We request your patience.