Looking for a Review?

FyreSyde’s review team is always looking for new titles to add to our library. This being the case, we would like to introduce you to to Tyto Forest, our new sub-division devoted to author promo, reviews and spotlights.

From now on, FyreSyde’s blog will focus primarily on Fyresyde’s affairs. Anything involving interviews, reviews, promotions, blog tours, spotlights, etc will be placed on Tyto Forest. Guest posts will be posted here on FyreSyde.


What you need to know:

There are two different emails depending on what you’re looking for.

For reviews, blog tours, cover reveals, etc, use this email > nytowlsreviews@gmail.com

For all other inquiries, use this email > fyresydepublishing@gmail.com


**Things to include in your email:

Subject: [ATTN:] Type of Inquiry – Author name

Author bio

Book buy links

Author website, Goodreads, Amazon, Social Media

Any teaser images

Cover image

** Due to the large amount of emails we receive, we require pitches for anything we do so please do not send any of the above until your pitch has been accepted. If you are not accepted, do not take it personal. Here at FyreSyde we pride ourselves on quality control.

We know these are changes to adjust to but as the company grows, we will enact changes based on the needs of our authors, contributors, partners and bloggers.