FyreSyde is always looking to review pitches from authors. However, we will be incredibly selective and only accept during certain submission periods. We recommend you subscribe to our website to find when these periods are. Any submission inquiries made outside of these periods will be ignored. 

Submissions Closed

What We Are Looking For:

  • Horror
  • Suspense
  • Thriller
  • Supernatural Thriller
  • Cozy Mystery
  • Mystery
  • Gothic Fiction
  • Gothic Romance (selective)
  • Paranormal Romance (also selective. We do not want cookie cutter plots)
  • Occult Fiction
  • Steampunk
  • Cyberpunk
  • Science Fiction (selective)
  • Young Adult (selective)
  • Dark Fantasy
  • Urban Fantasy (selective)

What we look for when reading pitches: Strong world development, deep character arcs, flawed characters, showing not telling, well-edited writing, original ideas, and consistent characters. Having these things will be more likely to land our interest as we are avid readers as well.


  • Novels: 55,000 up to 95,000 words
  • Novellas: up to 50,000 words; must have at least 10,000 words

We require manuscripts to be proof-read by at least two other people prior to acceptance. This can be achieved by a beta reader. Basic formatting is also a plus but don’t worry too much over it, formatting is our job.

We do not require agents so you must send a query letter before a manuscript. We will ignore full manuscripts sent before a query.

We accept electronic copies only. All work must be original. We do check for plagiarism so do not attempt it. We will ban you from submitting future titles if you do.

Contract Terms:

FyreSyde wants our authors to feel like family. We follow the same royalty program as many other small presses but we won’t stop helping you once your title is released. We want our authors to come back to us if they’re struggling. If you need help booking a bookstore, please let us know. If you are at a loss for marketing ideas, email us. Whatever we can do, do not hesitate to reach out. We will never ask you to pay us to submit.

Royalties: 40% on net for digital editions, which goes up to 50% after 10,000 books sold. 25% on net for print editions. Distributed on a quarterly basis. 25% Net after 1,000 hardbacks have been sold. 

Length of contract: Three years after from the date of publication with six month extensions after initial term if agreed upon by all parties. If you want to terminate early, we will require 150 dollars pro-rated. 

How To Query:

  • Allow up to three weeks for us to reply to your query letter. If we have not replied by that time, feel free to email us again.
  • Query letters must sent in the form of .docx, .doc, or rtf format
  • Include your author name (pen name if you write under one), email address and author website
  • In the subject line [ATTN:] Submission Inquiry – [Book Title][AuthorName]
  • Send your query letter to fyresydepublishing@gmail.com.