Cthulhu: A Love Story


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Fans of I am Providence will love Cthulhu: A Love Story!

I met Cthulhu in college.

In one night, I discovered his true identity, opened a portal to another dimension, banished him there, and thwarted a doomsday cult. None of this was covered during First Year orientation, but I managed. Now I must awaken him from his eternal slumber to undo a cosmic cataclysm while avoiding the prophecy foretelling my failure and the end of humanity.

Nothing in Amanda’s life has ever been normal, but her college boyfriend, Ryley, was paranormal. Fifteen years after banishing him to his city beneath the waves, she needs to evoke dark magic to dispel the mounting chaos pervading the world, twisting events and people beyond madness. Now the stars are right. Amanda must summon Ry and save the world.

But at what cost?

Cthulhu: A Love Story is a contemporary take on the Lovecraftian Mythos filled with chaos worshipping cultists, dark rituals, and cosmic horror.


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