A Memory of Wings


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Fans of Elizabeth Brigg’s Demon King will LOVE A Memory of Wings!

Once Lucifer’s assassin, Shax is stuck on Earth, tormented by the need to find the one who got away. Outrunning supposed friends and definite foes, he takes refuge in Kansas City and comes face-to-face with his quarry, the angel Kheone. The smart choice would be to kill her, but for reasons he does not want to examine, he rescues her instead. Now embroiled in a conspiracy, Shax must decide between love and saving his own skin.

Loyal and lethal, Kheone pursues the demons roaming the Earth with single-minded ferocity, fulfilling her purpose to protect humankind. When her friend dies under circumstances eerily similar to the explosion that cast her out of Heaven, she makes a deal with Shax to track down the killer. Struggling to trust her new partner, Kheone fights her growing bond with the demon while her loyalty to Archangel Michael is put to the ultimate test.

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