Write For Us

Thank you for your interest in writing for FyreSyde. As you can imagine, our focus is on authors, bloggers, marketing and publishing. We are however open to topic suggestions. Though we do love to support causes, that is not the focus of this blog.

Our Focus

We are actively seeking articles that are unique to the publishing, writing, book blogging and instructional topics (how to write a good horror, adding suspense, what we love about romance, etc). If you have a topic suggestion, please do not hesitate to email us.

What Should I Write About

Here are some topics you might consider when sending your pitch to us:

  • Changes in the Publishing Industry
  • How to add tension in your story
  • Avoiding “saggy middle” syndrome
  • Being an author with a day job (or family)
  • How I became a best-seller
  • Becoming a Freelancer
  • Publishing methods that worked for you
  • Methods that didn’t work
  • Why readers love romance
  • How to start a book blog
  • Etc

There are many topics you can cover. We welcome insight and personal experiences when writing, publishing, marketing, etc.

Should I Send a Pitch First?

Though we are flexible, we would greatly appreciate a pitch prior to sending a full article. In your email, be sure to place [ATTN:] Guest Post Inquiry – Topic Requested. These can be sent to fyresydepublishing@gmail.com.

When Will You Respond?

We are usually very quick in our responses but we do request up to three weeks. Though it is very rare, it has been known to take us this long to respond due to the sheer number of emails we receive daily.

How do I submit my pitch?

As mentioned, first send an email with a pitch indicating the topic you wish to cover. We will read your pitch and decide if it is a fit for our blog. Once we have evaluated it, one of our team will respond telling you “yes” or “no.”

If you are accepted, then we will request a Google Docs file for our editors to look over which allows us to collaborate easily without confusion. We will edit it and send it back to you with the proposed corrections.

How long should my post be?

Try to have at least 500 words minimum with a max of 1,500. Images used should be copyright free to ensure we do not encounter any legal problems.

Tip: We do check for plagiarism, so do not attempt to do so. All material should be properly cited and credit given. If it is a personal story, then this should not be an issue.

If My Post Is Accepted, do you need any images or links?

We ask all of our bloggers to send us any social media links, book links, blog and website links so our readers can find and connect with you. You may include an email address as well. For images, aside from the legal header image, we ask you to include an author photo (optional), pictures of your book cover and any teaser images. We will format the post.

Do You Pay?

At this time, the form of payment comes in promotion of the author or blogger website, book links or blog links. As interest grows, it is a possibility we will open up a pay option. We do however offer long term relationships with our contributors. This means we are willing to accept multiple posts from contributors we worked with before.

Does the Post Need to Be Original?

Yes. It does. This means we ask that you keep the post exclusive to FyreSyde. We do not take re-published articles.

What Happens After My Post Is Accepted and Edited?

We will email you the shareable link and the date scheduled for your post to go live. We do encourage you to engage with people who comment on your post. It promotes networking and helps you build lasting relationships.

If you are ready to pitch, please include:

  • Subject Line: [ATTN:] Guest Post Inquiry – Proposed Topic
  • In the body of the email:
    • Tell us a little about you
    • Tell us a little about your book (blog)
    • Share your pitch
    • Inform us if you would like your post to coincide with a book release or announcement
    • Let us know if you have any questions
  • Wait a few weeks for us to get back to you.

Always feel free to reach out to us prior to pitching for any questions. We are a very friendly bunch and want to get to know you.