Info-Dumping: How You Can Avoid It

Nothing slows down a story worse than paragraphs of description. It becomes even more problematic when an author chooses to open a novel with too much backstory. This ruins the hook and can often result in the loss of the reader. Here's the thing, as authors, we seem to have fallen into the trap of … Continue reading Info-Dumping: How You Can Avoid It

[Book Marketing 101] Hybrid Marketing

When approaching the world of an indie or self-published author, what is the biggest line of questions you often hear or ask yourself?

How am I going to market this in an ever-growing industry?
How can I make my book stand out against so many others on Amazon?
How can I market on a budget? 
These are just a few questions that can be terrifying when one is just starting out. 

10 Rules For Success — Jay Colby

I decided to share this post from Jay Colby because he offers some really good advice on success and how to reach it. I highly recommend giving him a follow because he offers a large amount of useful and uplifting information. I have always been infatuated with successful people. I constantly read about their processes, … Continue reading 10 Rules For Success — Jay Colby