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“I am so in love with everything about this novel, I love the world that Blaise Ramsay has created for us.
This one is emotional and action packed. It will tug at your heart strings and bring you hope and you will root for the characters til the very end.
These characters each have their own personalities and depth to them. None of them felt one-dimensional or forced, they all shined through as individuals.
A Wonderful Paranormal Romance that I can’t get enough of.” —  via TheIndieExpress 



“I really liked the way this book introduced the werewolf’s and vampires to the romance genre. Along with Damien not knowing what he is capable of, which makes the leading lady the stronger more powerful one! Anyone who is looking for supernatural romance that ISN’T all about a male vampire getting some weak girl to fall in love with him is going to enjoy this book. Looking forward to book 2!” — Alicia Seay via Goodreads

“The storyline is really good, I read it in one go, it started too slow for me but when it started there were plenty of action scenes and most of the characters are very well developed.” — I. Frid via Goodreads

“Blaise Ramsay has done a great job with creating characters the reader will feel strongly about. Maybe not always a good kind of strong, but evoking emotion in the reader is good regardless.  The characters are very well developed, complex, and multi dimensional which allows the reader to become invested. Ramsay’s writing style is very direct. There is no skirting around things. I enjoyed the Romance aspect. These characters had a connection that felt real. I liked the way it developed and didn’t feel forced. The overall flow of the novel was very well executed. The pacing was great, it didn’t feel rushed or like it dragged. It had the perfect flow.” — via Texas Book Nook

“I liked this one, but to be completely honest I am more of a Vampire lover.  I would highly recommend this one to any lover of Werewolves or for those who are maybe fence sitters as to where to place their loyalties.  Lots of action, lots of lovemaking.  If I loved Werewolves more than I do, I would have been in ecstasy over this one.  I will still give this one a 5 star even though it was not my cup of tea, it is still a very great book.”–via My Literary Soiree