“‘When I write, I become the characters and see their world and feel what they’re feeling.’ she said. Ramsay added that people who want to write should not be afraid of failure, explaining that anyone who tries and fails needs to have resilience to succeed.” — Excerpt by Don Munsch from Drawn to Writing as featured in the February 14th, 2018 issue of the Post Signal in Pilot Point, TX.

“Writing is a business. If you can’t think like an authorpreneur, you will not succeed. Not just anyone can do this. That way of thinking is a myth. You can do this!” — Excerpt from Author Talks with Rebecca R. Cahill  from

“The story follows a young man named Damien who through a series of events learns he isn’t human. He meets the lovely Jillian Styles who happens to be a lycanthrope or a shape shifter. The two soon develop a relationship and come to learn that maybe Damien was sent to bring peace to a centuries old war started by a vindictive, dark god. — Excerpt from IndieBeacon interview

“I want to immerse the reader into the scene. Almost like they were there. I want to invoke emotions based upon what the characters are feeling. In Blessing of Luna, I did what I could to make the world feel as real as possible. It’s something I try to do with all of my writing. If the character is in pain, I want the reader to feel that. If they are happy, I want to the reader to feel happy.” — From J is for the Character Jillian Styles by Blaise Ramsay, featured in Operation Awesome

“Back at All-Con 2018 and off-duty from my Heroic Inner Kids tasks, I browsed the library of vendors all around the small hallways. I haven’t exactly talked to an author yet for this blog and I figured since there’s a lot of adaptations coming up that are based on novels, I’d spotlight Blaise Ramsay on her own experience as a book writer, maybe mention one of her published stories as well!” —  Chase Pond from Author Blaise Ramsay Interview as featured on Pond’s Press.

“The idea of having the company seemed like it would drown me at first. Something was missing. Yes, I had the company but what were its goals? I knew I had the drive but how would I build the brand? Then it hit me, I needed to focus on the readers. Give them something back to bring their attention towards the company so I expanded. I needed to learn how to market not only the book but myself.” — Excerpt from From Idea to Publishing Company as seen on Night Owl Romance

“So often when we first begin our writing journey, we don’t tend to focus on the important aspects of what it means to invest our time and energy into being an author. We have grandeur dreams of making our names known as the acclaimed names before us only to experience the hard dose of reality – not all of us are going to become the next Stephen King, J.K Rowling or Stephanie Meyer. As a matter of fact, that is actually very rare and requires being in the right place in the right time. The truth is, it’s okay. Don’t make it about the fame. Make it about what you love to do. Remember why you did it in the first place.” — Excerpt from “The Hardest Thing to Do Is Start featured on MythicalBooks