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[Writing 101] How to Write A Review

For author’s reviews are our lifeblood. Hearing what our readers are saying and how they felt about reading our novels is all key to our growth and development.

From a marketing perspective, it lets us know the trends of an ever changing market and how we can follow it.

If you read an author’s book, please take the time to leave a review. It can be a quick one as we know life is busy.

I will write a more detailed article later. for now, check out this awesome article by A Writer’s Path!



by Doug Lewars Book reviews are a fact of life. If it’s your book being reviewed, they’re nice if they’re positive and decidedly unpleasant if they’re negative. Every book is going to have a few negative reviews. That’s a fact of life because people are different, have different interests, enjoy different things, and […]

via How to Write a Book Review — A Writer’s Path

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