New Paranormal Noir Short Story Free on Our Wattpad!

Our author, Blaise Ramsay, has offered a sneak peek into her new paranormal series set in Prohibition Chicago:

Blood In the Streets

Available Now on FyreSyde’s Wattpad
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Former ADA turned vampire, Alastair Maddox wants to enjoy New Year’s with the love of his life. His partner, Mason Downing, interrupts the quiet of the evening when he needs Alastair’s help to solve a murder too close to home. Hidden in the shadow of an active killer, hidden lives are revealed in a world of black mail, deceit and of course, murder.

**The events within this short occur in the world of Vampire Chicago, a supernatural noir by Blaise Ramsay. It can be enjoyed as a stand-alone but we encourage readers to pick up the books when they release to partake of the full plot line.

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